Friday, August 16, 2019

200 - A Tribute to a Milestone

  • Epstein is dead. Who did it?
  • We're almost 4 years worth of weekly episodes in.
  • With that said, I kind of want to start a conservative pundit Youtube channel
  • We're almost 4 years worth of weekly episodes in.
  • Voting in local elections is important.
  • Popular episodes - Ownership in a Digital World, Bug Out Bag, Making Good Youtube videos.
  • I like #10 ownership, imagining a 6 party political system #61 . home school episode where we had a guest and looked into an issue.

Friday, August 9, 2019

199 - A Work of Fiction

  • A fictional story about a cmpany rolling out TFA for accessing email online. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is purely coincidental.
  • Garage sale is still going and I'm still getting the dollars
  • Deck progress
  • Directing live video

Friday, August 2, 2019

198 - Trade Deadlines & Watchings

  • Project Update: #WhatTheDeck2019
  • Baseball trade deadline: Big deals and Braves throwing it down
  • Another Life S1
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
  • The Boys S1

Friday, July 26, 2019

197 - Having a Base Ball

  • Scary things on the news.
  • The dwindling bee population. 
  • Sharks in the water.
  • Flesh eating bacteria
  • Dirty restaurant food.
  • KFC exploded causing a renewed resurgence as absence makes the heart grow fond
  • Catching a baseball at a game makes people crazy
  • Danville Braves - Rookie club for the Atlanta Braves Gulf Coast is low rookie, Rome Braves are low A, Florida Fire Frogs are high A, Mississippi Braves are AA, Gwinnett Stripers are AAA

Friday, July 19, 2019

196 - Don't Be a Lonnie

  • Welcome to... Fridays on the Fly
  • The nature of video streaming
  • Project #WhatTheDeck2019 in full swing.
  • Don't be a Lonnie is my new catchphrase in place of don't be a dummy.
  • I met Lonnie to sell S10 fender flares. The ad in the title said S10, Chevrolet, GMC, the description again restated that.
  • I pulled in and it was a couple of minutes before he got out. I assumed he was counting his money, no, he was messaging me to tell me he was there even though I got out of my vehicle as soon as he pulled up, which he knew the color, and decided to message me.
  • So the story gets stranger. The guy I was supposed to meet messages me and asks why I didn't show. Two things, Lonnie was driving a blue Toyota as the guy I was supposed to meet said he was and Lonnie pulled up right beside me. That would explain why Lonnie didn't want the flares.
  • The guy I was supposed to meet is adamant that wasn't him. What are the odds? I figure he's thinking I'm making up a story for not showing, but I've got details. While the guy says he was there at 6pm, I didn't see him. How he didn't see me, I don't know.
  • Eric sold the Colorado to a man living in a Ford Escape.
  • Go karts are fun!

Friday, July 12, 2019

195 - Job vs Career vs Ambition vs Complacency

  • Career vs job.
  • Even the job hunt out of school, I wish i had known more, gotten started earlier. 
  • I've considered self starting. 
  • I've hit the ceiling at my job. Moving up would mean a lot more time at work without what I consider fair compensation. I'd get more money but less per hour.
  • Cheating- long term it's a losing situation. I've been selling stuff and i ensure my ads are accurate and describe any problems.
  • i suppose i consider cheating generally in regards to tests or homework. 
  • is there really a lot of opportunity to cheat? i suppose there is theft. i work at an office. i've never taken office supplies. the rare times i print something for personal use, i pay for it. the people in admin were baffled when i asked about that.
  • i cheated in high school on the psats, i had already taken the sat and it was a pointless test. i cheated by working on whatever section i wanted.
  • in college i was temped to cheat, even wanted to, but didn't. it was a test for which i was ill prepared.
  • my school had an honor system, i actually got to be a juror for that. i can't recall if that's the correct term. a student cheated, admitted it. and at the time neither she nor the professor attended or were employed by teh school. she admitted she did and i guess she was expelled, but she wasn't attending. maybe it was she coudln't return.
  • i downloaded a lot of movies in the early O's. i do regret that. but it's also a strange juxtaposition because you can find movie to stream for free now, legally .it's prevalent. i could make an excuse that i was ahead of my time, but there's no excuse.

Friday, July 5, 2019

194 - What The Deck

  • Instructables has changed and Ward doesn't like it.
  • Youtube worm holes
  • #WhatTheDeck2019 project - footings dug, concrete begun to be poured
  • Eric's Tiny Roof Project
  • Offer Up
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