Tuesday, May 19, 2015

02 - Peter Jackson Dream Chaser

We talk about Eric's facebook page creating binge and updates to the Pin It project, before we review our short film Smiling Jack Always Laughs Last. We talk about creating this short film and provide many behind the scenes details.
We also touch upon making films in the horror genre, using our children in short films, and a video project where we each directed our own film from one script (Eric never finished his video).
Coming soon will be a radio drama performance, continuing what Ward had hoped would be a web based serial - Abe Zanarkand.  Unfortunately web series are only effective if you regularly produce and post videos.
What's our plan for a guest host? We don't know, but we do want to interview creative people. We wrap it up with movie reviews, wondering how Peter Jackson got the reigns to Lord of the Rings and determining that people just don't want good movies.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

01 - Is This the Center of your Town?

In our first episode we discuss our first community art project which is related to google map, videos we've made, and movies we've watched.
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