About Eric and Ward

Eric and Ward Channelilng Breaking Bad

Eric and Ward met on the long and dusty road called life. They were strangers, and then their paths crossed. While the sheer number of projects they've talked about would fill even the heartiest of lists, the projects they've actually completed, while not as awe inspiring, are still amazing.

They share the drive to create, transforming their initial short story collaboration into a feature length screenplay. One day they will actually film it. Dare to dream!

Eric and Ward originally met when working together on an extremely small (tiny) local stage production. Later, they began collaborating on the aforementioned short story turned screenplay. This period can only be compared to a modern day renaissance with ideas exploding like grenades all over the place. A few short films later, and a local stage production they co-wrote, co-directed, and produced, it's time to unleash their ideas on the world. Join them every other week!
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