Friday, January 27, 2017

70 - Be Yourself is Bad Advice

  • Rod reads about the association of mer-people in the paper
  • Eric knows a lot about bronies... and furries... and 
  • Body suspension
  • Rod has a plan to get on Shark Tank
  • Ward's struggle with writing, inspiration, and failure
  • Ward's dissembling a car engine for fun
  • Is 'Be Yourself' good advice? No. Be your best self.
  • The pitfalls of hair loss

      Friday, January 20, 2017

      69 - Eric Has the Sex Talk with America

      • Ward getting flak for his Call My Agent! review
      • Would a movie review site concluding that every movie sucks succeed?
      • Video uploaded to Youtube 1000 times 
      • Rod and Eric both want to start vlogging
      • Ward's short lived vlog
      • Trump inaugeration is today
      • What will happen to the Affordable Healthcare Act?
      • Longest serving sports coaches - Connie Mack, baseball, 50 years
      • Longest serving in baseball
      • find what's streaming where
      • from Turner Classic Movies. Criterion Collection movies
      • Cross the Netflix rating system revamped, what Netflix and Chill means
      • Rod's story about a "friend" who got an unlabeled sex tape
      • Eric has the sex talk with America 
      • Instagram - genderless nipple

        Saturday, January 14, 2017

        Bonus - CNC Router Part 1: Research

        • Crash course on CNC routers
        • Preliminary Plans
        • Accuracy vs Cost
        • More research
        • Revision of Plans

        Friday, January 13, 2017

        68 - We Are the Fake Youtube Thumbnail

        • Tasteful click bait
        • Wards solo episode has outperformed other episodes
        • It snowed 8" in the south and we can no longer drive
        • Ward's orange truck is gone
        • Would you buy a car for a spouse as a surprise
        • What do you think when parents post embarrassing videos of their kids on social media.
        • CNC machine, researching projects, & drones

          Friday, January 6, 2017

          67 - White House Desks

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