Tuesday, July 28, 2015

07 - Making Good Youtube Videos

We can't believe Youtube is ten years old. I had just posted to youtube a time lapse video of my playhouse set build which leads us to discuss how to make a good Youtube video. So many how to videos are boring. How do you fix that? Inspired by the last episode, we're going to make a good bug out bag video.
We wrap up with movie reviews. We can't help but talk about Mad Max: Fury Road again as well the documentary I Know that Voice which covers voice actors in various cartoons. This turns into a conversation on recognizing quality as a kid. Can children recognize quality? Eric is unwilling to commit, but Ward decides he did, even though he didn't understand the concept.
We conclude with top three actresses where Eric determines the name of his book will be So You like Girls with Boy Hair and You Carry a Purse.

Fridays on the Fly Episode 7 Making Good Youtube Videos

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