Friday, December 15, 2017

116 - Version 3.0

  • It snowed! Eric loves it, he gets to watch the kids outside from the comfort of inside. Ward gets to brave the elements commuting to work.
  • Ward's harrowing story of almost not making it home on treacherous roads with car spinning out of control.
  • Our other podcast Cross the Netflix Stream is making a few changes that will improve FotF
  • Eric is excited for Will Smith's movie Bright, Ward is waiting on Black Mirror S4 and Altered Carbon S1.
  • Eric wonders if Ward will ever finish his Halloween costumes, Ward vows it will happen.
  • Christmas cards, Ward's thinking a Die Hard or '80s theme, Eric suggest Weekend at Bernie's or Miami Vice.
  • Politics, Roy Moore, and the state of partisan ship
  • Ward explains why some accusers wait so long to come forward

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